Andrew Crook - NFFF President
September 10, 2021

This is your opportunity to give back to the industry you love and join the NFFF Board of Directors.

Officials and Regional Directors make up the NFFF Board of Directors, they are all active fish friers, NFFF members and are elected annually into office at the AGM.

We have Regional Directors appointed to represent Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and all counties in England.

Their role is to provide fellow fish friers with practical advice and support on any aspect of running a successful fish and chip shop, and also to represent their region at a national level on a wide range of issues.

All NFFF members will have of recently received their 2021 AGM paper, sent by email to all members with an active email address and via the post if we do not have an active email address.

This is your opportunity to shape how the NFFF moves forward and your opportunity to run for the NFFF Board of Directors.

I’m interested in becoming involved with the NFFF as Director, what do I do?

To stand for the Board of Directors you must first be an active NFFF member. Then you must have a NFFF member nominate you for your chosen position. Ie: Regional Director for England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland.

What would I be expected to do?

Becoming a Director of the NFFF is a voluntary role, it is your opportunity to give back and shape the future of fish and chips. You would be expected to:

  • Attend bi-monthly ZOOM Board meetings
  • Attend a physical Board meeting, held in Leeds
  • Attend external meetings both via ZOOM and in-person where possible
  • Be available to handle member enquires in a speedy fashion
  • Support the NFFF Head Office on a daily basis
  • Direct and be responsible for one area of the NFFF

Please note: You can only place nominations for the country in which you live. All nominees must reside in the area which they will cover.

Once you have been nominated the NFFF will contact you to see if you would indeed like to stand for election. If you decide you no longer wish to stand the process will end. If you are committed to standing for election you will be asked to provide a personal profile and the NFFF may have to run a by-election if we have more than the required number running for the position you are standing for.

Important dates

9th October 2021 – Last day for receipt of nominations for Regional Directors.           
19th October 2021 – Last day for receipt of nominations for NFFF Officials – President, Vice President and Treasurer.


If you have any further questions regarding standing for a position on the NFFF Board of Directors, please contact Andrew Crook on

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