Why Fish And Chip businesses must not get complacent when it comes to cleaning and hygiene
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
September 13, 2021

Expert guidance from P&G Professional on maintaining gold-tier cleaning standards
After a summer filled with staycations, the flurry of British seaside trips is coming to an end and ‘shoulder season’ is upon us. Although the months ahead may be quieter for businesses, it is imperative that Fish And Chips establishments keep hygiene and cleanliness practices front of mind to ensure consumers return.

Previous research conducted by P&G Professional, the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble, asked Brits what would make them feel most comfortable about visiting a Fish And Chip shop or restaurant in the current climate. More than half (56.6%) of respondents stated the most important factor is that the takeaway or restaurant looks clean and tidy, and 67% feel reassured about a Fish And Chip shop’s hygiene maintenance if they see staff physically cleaning during their visit. In fact, these measures were considered by customers to be even more important than social distancing, and wearing face masks.
The survey results also highlight the importance for establishments not to get complacent with cleaning procedures, ensuring staff are regularly implementing these practices, particularly in front-of-house areas to provide reassurance for customers.
Not only does visibility of cleaning provide customers with reassurance of hygiene standards, but research suggests that over a third of Brits are more likely to visit a Fish And Chip shop if the staff use cleaning brands they know and trust, such as Fairy and Flash.

In order to help convey the highest standards in cleaning to customers, P&G Professional has launched the CleanPLUS Experience, a gold standard in hygiene to aid businesses in providing peace of mind and assurances to their customers, by offering guidance and knowledge sharing, as well as its best-in-class products.
Businesses who sign up for the CleanPLUS Experience will have access to co-branded digital and printed materials including a window sticker to showcase that their establishment uses P&G Professional’s cohort of trusted name brands such as Fairy Professional, Ariel Professional, and Flash Professional.
P&G Professional’s trusted brands and products form the perfect line-up for a clean and safe restaurant or takeaway, helping reassure guests around cleanliness and hygiene standards, to enable Fish And Chip shops to continue to thrive following a busy summer season.

Apply for your CleanPLUS Experience today through your establishment’s P&G Professional technician or by calling 0800 716 854. To learn more about P&G Professional and its professional cleaning systems please visit www.pgpro.co.uk or call 0800 716 854.

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