Poem about Fish and Chips
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
June 23, 2023

just thought we would share a poem with you all this Friday by Lancashire poet Steven P Taylor


It’s a great gastronomic concept
It’s a wonderful work of art
It tantalises the taste buds
It challenges the heart
It’s a staple for the family
Always guaranteed to please
It’s what meal times are all about
It’s fish chips and mushy peas

A batter of flour and water
Envelopes that haddock or cod
And seals in the flavour of oceans
To produce the food of the gods
The finest Maris Piper potatoes
In the chip world are the bees knees
With steeped green marrowfat babies
Perfect fish chips and mushy peas

Don’t mess with this battered beast
No ponsy triple cooked fries
Leave those peas like they were
No unwanted culinary surprise
It’s an essential on a winters day
Or alfresco in a summer breeze
Whether on a plate or in newspaper
It’s fish chips and mushy peas

Why would it cross your mind to eat
Caviar, truffles or beef cheeks
Hold back those plates of indulgence
For the sybaritic freaks
The worlds greatest sport stars and athletes
Don’t live on Indian and Chinese
They need calories to bring them stamina
Which comes from fish chips and peas

It’s a delicious deep fried delicacy
An epicurean delight
We want none of your nouvelle cuisine
It’s a proper chippy tea tonight
It’s one of the major facts of life
As important as birds and the bees
You’ll find improvement in your love making
After fish chips and mushy peas

It’s all the sustenance needed
The food of the gods without doubt
All the nourishment you could wish for
It’s the dinner to shout about
So stick with the original fast food
No pizzas or burgers with cheese
You’ll only be in food heaven when dining
On fish chips and mushy peas


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