NFFF Weekly Round-Up – Week commencing 21st June 2021
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
June 28, 2021

Each week the NFFF will provide members with a weekly roundup of key meetings attended by the NFFF Board and Head Office staff.

We will also provide an update on areas where NFFF Board Members have assisted members together with other activities.

NFFF Meetings

Meeting attended

Sunday 20th June

  • Andrew Crook and John Penaluna – Welsh Area Meeting via Zoom

Monday 21st June

  • Andrew Crook and Robert Norris – Young Fish and Chip Shop Worker Roundtable via Zoom
  • Andrew Crook, Caroline Murphy, John Penaluna and Sheryl Coward – Membership Committee Meeting via Zoom

Wednesday 23rd June

  • Andrew Crook, David Miller, Lesley Graves, Hugh Mantle and Helen Brook – Training Committee Meeting via Zoom

Thursday 24th June

  • Andrew Crook – Call with Dept. of Health & Social Care – Ref HFSS advertising ban
  • Andrew Crook – Call with a Cardiff University Student – Discussion on seafood sustainability

Friday 25th June

  • Andrew Crook, Caroline Murphy, Hugh Mantle – British Takeaway Campaign Quarterly Meeting via Zoom

Upcoming meetings

Monday 28th June

  • Andrew Crook visiting a members shop to offer advice
  • Caroline Murphy – Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Seafood Training Network Meeting via Zoom

Tuesday 29th June

  • Stuart Devine – Scottish Seafood Training Network Meeting via Zoom
  • Andrew Crook – The Caterer Marketing Summit via Zoom

NFFF Training

No training was undertaken by the NFFF in the week commencing 21st June 2021

NFFF Training courses coming up are;

  • Monday 28th June – Zoom Potato Preparation – Know your Spuds!
  • Tuesday 29th June – Zoom Oil Management – Know your limits!
  • Wednesday 30th June – Zoom Batter Preparation
  • 5th,6th,7th July – 3 Day Zoom Theory Course
  • Monday 12th July – Zoom Fish Cutting made simple

NFFF Member

The NFFF has received and handled the following member enquires on the subject below

  • Food delivery aggregator issue
  • Employment issue
  • Fish supplier enquiry
  • Fish and chip competition enquiry

If you require any help or assistance the NFFF Head Office and Board are here to support you and your business.

Contact the NFFF Head Office on 0113 230 7044 or email

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