Why the hospitality staffing crisis means Fish and Chip businesses need to work as efficiently as possible
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
October 18, 2021

Fine tuning efficiency will help ensure businesses survive in spite of the current staffing crisis

The hospitality industry is currently grappling with significant staff shortages up and down the country, and unfortunately fish and chip shops are no exception. As a result, it is essential that businesses are able to work as efficiently as possible with the workforce and resources that they already have at their disposal.

Recent statements from the Confederation of British Industry (CIB)[1] have warned that the sector could be in for a long haul, indicating that the shortages may stretch over a two-year period. This staffing crisis has only been compounded by recent supply chain issues, resulting in reduced menus, fewer trading hours or even forced closures. The extent of the issue is unsurprising once we consider that over 90,000 workers have left the industry in the last year, according to recent figures[2].

The question therefore remains of what can businesses do to combat these increasingly challenging external pressures and help ensure their businesses can thrive. The answer is somewhat simple. During these difficult times, fish and chip businesses would do well to make sure their establishments are running as efficiently as possible. In other words, if the time employees spent doing day-to-day operations could be streamlined, businesses would be less affected by any staff shortage.

Essential cleaning tasks take up a large amount of time in restaurants and take-aways alike. If these everyday responsibilities could be made more time-efficient, this could be a significant help for independent fish and chip businesses around the UK.

P&G Professional,  the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble, provides an array of products including Flash Professional that achieve an excellent standard of cleaning and require only simple training. These easy to use cleaning products can lend a helpful hand to Fish and Chip businesses across the country, by streamlining their cleaning and hygiene procedures, and in turn helping them thrive in these challenging times. Trusted brands, such as Flash Professional and Fairy Professional, ensure an impeccable level of hygiene is achieved upon first clean, so as not to waste any valuable time.

P&G Professional’s trusted brands and products form the perfect line-up for a clean, safe and efficiently run restaurant or takeaway, helping fish and chip shops thrive despite the current industry challenges. To learn more about P&G Professional and its professional cleaning systems please visit www.pgpro.co.uk or call 0800 716 854.

[1] Statement from Director of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)


[2] Figures from Caterer.com

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