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Why fish and chip shops must not cut corners despite ever-increasing costs
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
March 7, 2022

P&G Professional provides expert guidance on how fish and chip shops can ease current industry challenges

Now that Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted across the UK and customer footfall gradually begins to return to pre-pandemic levels, it’s not all plain sailing for the nation’s chippies. In fact, with energy prices soaring to exorbitant levels and supply chain complexities resulting in increased wholesale prices, many fish and chip shops are certainly feeling the pressure.

According to recent data, fish and chip shops have experienced a 75% rise in the cost of cod since October, an increase of 81% in haddock over the last year, and a rise of 120% in the cost of mushy peas. Such drastic surges in wholesale prices can’t help but to have a significant impact on the profitability of the local chippy[1]. Additionally, with the news of the government increasing VAT on food and soft drinks from 12.5% to 20% in April, industry professionals continue to be concerned over the future of the fish and chip shop[2].

These testing times can inevitably have an impact on the everyday running of fish and chip shops. When one area of the business is proving to be extra challenging, it is all the more tempting to cut corners in other areas in an attempt to counteract the added pressures. Despite current difficulties, it is crucial that businesses uphold a rigorous cleaning routine, which can play an important role in attracting, and retaining customers.

P&G Professional provides an array of products that achieve an excellent standard of cleaning upon first clean and require only simple training, saving staff precious time. What’s more, many employees will already use these well-known and trusted brands at home and thus will know the correct product use instructions, thereby ensuring effective and reliable results.

As part of its ongoing effort to help businesses thrive, P&G Professional offers business owners the opportunity to try the CleanPLUS Experience. This stamp of approval from P&G Professional’s trusted household name brands – including Flash Professional, Fairy Professional and Ariel Professional – serves as a mark of assurance for guests.

Fish and chip shops can prominently display the CleanPLUS Experience sticker – both physically and digitally – as a gold standard in hygiene, reassuring their customers that the establishment has been cleaned to the highest levels using known and trusted brands.

To find out more about the CleanPLUS Experience – from P&G Professional’s trusted household name brands Fairy Professional, Flash Professional and Ariel Professional – including applying for complementary materials and signage, call 0800 716 854, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

[1] ITV ‘Industry leaders fear 1,000 Yorkshire fish and chip shops could close as costs spiral’

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