Why Enter the National Fish and Chip Awards? – Message From Last Years Winners
Charlie Bennett
August 24, 2023

As the deadline for entries to the National Fish and Chip Awards draws nearer (17/9/23), we’re delighted to share some inspiring words from last years winner of the takeaway award – Whiteheads Fish & Chips. Their insights offer a glimpse into the many benefits awaiting those who take the leap and submit their entry.

Why did you enter?

“Entering the awards was a no brainer. We entered for many different reasons, three of which I will explain. 

1) Standards: I wanted to raise the standards within my business as much as we possibly could.  Everything in the business revolves around continually raising the standards and entering the awards forces you to raise them as high as possible, after all we are working with food. 

2) we all need to advertise our business one way or another, so what a brilliant way of doing this than through the awards platform. The awards gave my business free advertising because of the amount of publicity and interest they create…it costs nothing to enter so any free publicity can only be a good thing. 

3) my competitive nature wanted to know how far we could go in the awards and whether we were the best at what we did, the only way to find out was to enter…like I said it was a no brainer!

If your still on the fence about entering our awards, let this winners experience shed light on the invaluable opportunities available for your business. Entering is a breeze, simply complete your free submission on our awards website – it doesn’t take long.

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