Andrew Crook - NFFF President
December 10, 2020

The following recipes are provided by Kerry Foodservice

Looking for new menu ideas? In every issue of the Fish Friers Review we will be providing you with new menu options, shared by other NFFF members and by the NFFF, to trail at your own takeaway and restaurant.

Naked Glory Sausage in Sage and Onion Sack (V)


  • 6 x Naked Glory sausages*
  • Lucas sage and onion stuffing Mix
  • Golden sheaf smart batter


  1. Mix stuffing mix with boiling water. Set a side and allow to cool
  2. Once cooled roll out/form a square big enough to wrap Naked Glory plant based sausage
  3. Place naked glory sausage in the centre and fully encase, check sack for any tears, or lumps
  4. Allow to set in the fridge, batter and fry until centre reaches 75oc

*Please note, Naked Glory are a vegan based sausage which is available at most major food operators.

“Snow” Balls (V)


  • Lucas sage and onion stuffing mix
  • Mash / Potato flake
  • Smart batter
  • Goldensheaf Course golden Crumb
  • Edible silver glitter spray (optional)


  1. Place equal amounts of Lucas stuffing mix and potato flake in separate bowls mix with boiling water and allow to cool
  2. Once cooled mix together and for in to bite size balls
  • Drop balls into a thin smart batter mixture then straight into the goldensheaf golden course bread crumb and fry until golden brown
  • When serving apply light spray of silver glitter to complete the snow balls

Battered Sprouts with a side of Irish curry sauce (V)

“like angel Gabriel dancing on your tongue”


  • Peeled sprouts
  • Henry Jones gold batter mix
  • Irish curry sauce


  1. Place sprouts in batter mix and fry until golden brown lift and allow to rest in the hot box
  2. Serve with an Irish curry Dipping sauce
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