The chips are not down in Stockport as fish and chip shop will provide 100 meals to local kids to support Marcus Rashford free meal campaign
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
October 22, 2020

MPs today have rejected Manchester United Footballer Marcus Rashford’s plea for free school meals to be offered during school holidays. However one fish and chip shop in Stockport has decided to pledge their support to Marcus Rashford and his campaign by giving away 100 free meals of their own to local kids.

Taylors Award Winning Fish and Chip shop in Stockport are preparing to hand out jacket potatoes, chicken nuggets, pasta bake or cottage pies to the youngsters in need.

Shop owner Anne Wallace said “The coronavirus pandemic has caused a great deal of stress, sleepless nights and tough times for many. When we saw that the MPs had rejected Marcus Rashford’s plans we just thought as a team is there anyway we could help.

As a shop we have always been proud of our community and have shown our support over the years and we thought that this was another opportunity where we could help. We are delighted to see the support which has come our way in the form of our suppliers, such as our potato suppliers providing us with 5 free sacks of potatoes, through to our main product supplier VA Whitley making a donation to the cause. The local community have also helped us share the news via the many forms of social media.

We are delighted to show our support next week during the school holidays. We would encourage more fish and chip shops to get involved.”

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