Seven in ten over-50s would consider career in hospitality but 88% think sector prefers to hire younger people.
Charlie Bennett
October 12, 2023

A recent report from Rest Less highlights untapped potential within the hospitality sector. Their survey reveals that seven in ten over-50s would consider a career in hospitality. However, there is a significant perception that the sector prefers to hire younger people, with a staggering 88% of respondents believing that their age may count against them.

Respondents highlighted several aspects of the hospitality sector that piqued their interest. A significant 68% believed that their life skills would prove to be invaluable, and an equal percentage found the social aspect of the sector highly appealing. Additionally, 38% were enticed by the prospect of not having taking their work home with them.

While there is a clear interest in the hospitality sector, many respondents also expressed concerns about joining the industry. A considerable 68% were worried about anti-social working hours, and 46% felt that the physical demands of the role might be too challenging.

Stuart Lewis, Chief Executive of Rest Less, emphasized the need for change within the industry, stating, “Older workers are understandably frustrated at facing long-term age-related barriers to remaining in and/or re-entering the workforce. Now is the perfect time for hospitality businesses to address misconceptions about hiring older workers.”

At the NFFF, we recognise the importance of an inclusive and diverse workforce. Older workers have a wealth of experience and skills to offer, which can enhance the industries growth and innovation. We encourage shops to employ those of all ages to ensure that age is never a barrier to pursuing a career in fish and chips

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