Andrew Crook - NFFF President
June 3, 2021

The National Federation of Fish Friers Ltd (NFFF) is delighted to announce Seafood from Iceland as the latest organisation to become an NFFF Associate Member.

NFFF Associate Members play an essential role in providing products and services to the fish frying industry and in supporting the NFFF in working towards the goal of maintaining fish and chips as the UK’s Number 1 takeaway meal.

Seafood from Iceland was established in 2019 as a platform for Icelandic fisheries companies to collaborate on marketing under one brand of origin. The main goals is to inform consumers about what makes the Icelandic fish a high quality product. Fisheries Iceland is the owner and founder of Seafood from Iceland, while Business Iceland manages the project. The first campaign launched by Seafood from Iceland was last year’s successful Fishmas campaign, featuring Father Fishmas.

Andrew Crook, President of the NFFF said “We are delighted to welcome the Seafood from Iceland as an NFFF Associate Member. As a Federation it is important to showcase the products and services available to our members. As an industry it is important to work together.

As fish and chip operators we have a duty to serve the finest produce we can and for many years Icelandic cod and haddock has been respected and used by the trade.

As an industry is has never been as important than it is today to work together, and we look forward to working with the Seafood from Iceland to ensure the industry continues to move forward.”

Next weekend Seafood from Iceland/Fishmas is celebrating the National Fish and Chips Day in cooperation with 12 fish and chips restaurants and takeaways in Yorkshire and Chester.

For more on the work undertaken by the NFFF for the fish and chip sector please visit

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