Scotland must fight for rates deal
January 16, 2024

Following on from the UK”s Government’s Autumn Statement, despite a continued disappointment for support for our industry , it was at least recognised that hospitality is under extreme pressure and a discount of 75% on your rateable value was continued for many businesses .
However it has gone on without much mention that Scotland has been excluded from any such discount for this current year . The money was passed to our devolved government and unfortunately they have chosen to the ignore the plight of hospitality and use the money elsewhere . This is a scandalous situation and puts Scotland’s Hospitality at higher risk to that of our neighbours south of the border .

UK Hospitality in Scotland has now put out a petition for us all to sign to make our voice heard . I would urge you all to sign the petition you can find on their website and on twitter.

I have already signed and I did receive a supporting letter back from my local Conservative MSP who supports our fight but unfortunately my local Green Party MSP offered no support whatsoever for our struggling industry . Following on from The Scottish Budget it has been confirmed that businesses in Scotland will receive no rates relief whatsoever.

Our fight will go on and unfortunately I believe we will have to take our differences and disappointments to the voting stations. We are in a totally unfair situation and continues to fall on deaf ears almost as if our incredibly hard working industry matter not in the eyes of our Holyrood Government. The NFFF will continue to voice our outrage.

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