Quality Accreditation spotlight
Karen Clark
June 26, 2023

Lesley Graves talks to Anthony Wells

Anthony is the owner of both Westgate Fish Bar in Elland, West Yorkshire and Lindley Fish Bar in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and he’s been a Quality Accreditation holder for over 6 years now, he’s a straight-talking man so I asked him why do you continue to put both of your shops through the Quality Accreditation? He simply answered ‘kudos’ I told him I might need a little more or else it was going to be a very short write up! He went on to explain it’s his shops USP, it makes his shops stand out in both areas, it brings credibility and that is also why he joined the NFFF, along with the benefits of being a member.

I had spoken to Tony earlier in in the year and he was feeling pretty much the same as nearly every other fish and chip shop owner, what with the price of most things, from fish to utilities etc increasing and wondering where it would all end. It was great to speak to him again and hear how he has gained press coverage for gaining the Quality Accreditation for both shops and how that had made a real impact on footfall.  

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