Prosperous 2023?
January 5, 2023

Perhaps some good news for us Fish Friers?

Energy prices appear to be taking a tumble and are now actually as a lower level than before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
However it may take few months to filter through as gas and electricity are purchased months ahead. However hopefully come spring we should see the reduction which hopefully will help our energy and delivery costs.

All of hospitality is worried about how the first quarter of the year will play out but so far trade seems to be holding up on the whole, we also may see consumers swapping a restaurant meal for a takeaway too which could help trade through some of the more worrying times.

Food however has now hit a record inflationary level of 13% in the supermarkets but we all know that many of our ingredients have seen larger increases. Much of the future depends on demand, both globally and domestically so it is impossible to be certain on wholesale price trends but it is better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

As a sector we don’t want handouts, it isn’t Goverment’s job to save every business either, but it is their job to create a trading environment that does not put the operators who make the right legal and ethical choices at a huge disadavantage. We are in danger of losing the very businesses we need to take this industry forward as the stress of covid and the cost of living crisis takes its toll.

The NFFF will continue to represent the fish and chip sector as best we can but it needs everybody to get behind the different initiatives that are run to promote the industry too. By getting involved in events we amplify the message, we need to of course think about our own businesses but we must also think about the greater good and a small bit of effort by us all creates a big wave out there.

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