Priorities for food safety in the UK – Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum
Charlie Bennett
October 6, 2023

On Thursday, 12th October 2023, key stakeholders and MPs will examine priorities for food safety in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This conference will delve into the next steps for policy, regulation, industry action, and international relationships, aiming to ensure the safety and quality of food within the UK.

Our President, Andrew Crook, will be speaking at the event to provide insight into some of the challenges faced by businesses and consumers with regard to food hygiene and standards. This will include cost pressures, post-Brexit bureaucracy, as well as resource and enforcement capabilities.

The NFFF is committed to being a voice for the fish and chip industry, representing the interests of businesses and individuals in this sector and addressing their concerns.

We encourage you to learn more about this conference and share your thoughts with us.

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