June 3, 2023

With the cost of potatoes the latest crisis to hit our industry, we’ve put together some ideas you may wish to consider to see us through this difficult period.

If you prepare your chips inhouse-

Peel your potatoes strictly to a time leaving on a little skin
Use a hand held peeler to remove eyes and bad bit as opposed to a knife.

Only prepare enough chips for what you require that day, reducing any potential waste

Look carefully at portion control and make all staff aware of the situation and the importance of cost.

If buying preprepared chips-

Speak with your supplier and ensure you are getting the best price and the correct weight in quantity.

Consider the price of your chip portion. The customer is well aware of the price issues we are enduring and would understand why the price has been increased.

Consider a temporary increase in price with signs clearly explaining the reason for the temporary measure.

Use packaging that helps with portion control.

Hopefully better prices shortly , some nice weather and a good crop for the year ahead. We need a break from somewhere.

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