Photography that’s as unique as your food
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
April 7, 2021

Article provided by Eat Marketing

High quality, irresistible food photography can be the make or break in whether a customer chooses to eat with you or a competitor. In fact research shows 82% of customers would buy a dish purely based on how it looks in a picture, regardless of whether they wanted it in the first place. Such is the power of professional photography.

Yet it’s often overlooked as an essential ingredient in a marketing strategy, when taking a photo is so easy to do yourself. Why hire a professional photographer when you can just use your smartphone?

We take a closer look at just some of the benefits a food photoshoot can bring to your business.

First impressions count
When many years are spent developing a signature recipe for your fish and chips to win over customer’s hearts (and their stomachs), why waste all that effort with a blurry photo?

The time, care and attention to detail you’ve invested is lost on a customer, who will only see an out of focus fish. With a professional photographer, they’ll ensure your key menu items are captured in the right lighting to look irresistible. Meaning your photos will accurately represent your food.

Satisfy savvy customers
It’s tempting to also fall back on using stock images of fish and chips. However, these days customers are wise to generic photographs used online, often across multiple fish and chip websites.

If it comes to choosing between your stock photos and a competitor who uses real, authentic food images in their marketing, which do you think a customer will pick?

A bank of marketing assets
Following a professional photoshoot, you’ll be provided with an edited version of all your images to use in future marketing. By investing in just one day’s photoshoot, it can result in a year’s worth of images to use across your online ordering, menus, social media posts or digital screens in your shop.

A consistent experience
Compared to enlisting the help of a friend with a camera or a ‘free’ photoshoot with a delivery partner, a professional photographer will be thinking about all aspects of your brand.

They’ll use their artistic eye to consider the relationship between your food and your brand. Whether that’s using your branded packaging or greaseproof paper, they’ll ensure your photos are unique to your business.

Entice customers with delicious food photography
At Eat Marketing, we’ve worked with several fish and chip shops such as Shap Chippy and Simpsons, organising photoshoots and editing images during post-production. We’ve used this experience to create three photography packages tailored to suit a range of requirements and budgets.

Discover the right package for you
Visit: ​​photography-packages​ or give the team a call on 0845 835 4661

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