NFFF Innovation Circle
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
March 17, 2021

He NFFF hosted its first Innovation Circle Zoom meeting on Tuesday the 16th of March. We hope this will be a regular feature with different companies to help them learn the specific needs of our members and how best to meet them. The meeting was attended by some of the top team at Lincat.

NFFF President Andrew Crook said, ” Thank you to all the members that attended this video call, I know Lincat found it extremely useful and it has given their research and development team a lot things to go at. It is only because we have an organisation such as the NFFF that we can act as the catalyst for discussions such as this which hopefully will lead to improvement that will benefit both members and the companies involved. We will be holding more of these Innovation Circles and seminars to help members have a two way conversation about products and industry topics. We need to ensure the fish and chip sector is leading the way out of the pandemic and businesses are going to have to be up to date with the latest information, legislation and training. If you are not an NFFF Member then I would strongly recommend you join as not only do you get lots of tangible benefits, support and discounts but it enables us to do other work behind the scenes to represent the industry and ensure our voice is heard!”

You can find out how to join the NFFF here

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