New Associate Member Announcement: Goslyn
Charlie Bennett
October 18, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Goslyn, the manufacturer of the most cost-effective and efficient grease removal units (GRUs) in the market, has joined our federation as an associate member.

Goslyn GRUs are designed to protect your drainage infrastructure from fats, oils and greases that can cause blockages, odours and environmental issues. Unlike conventional grease traps or interceptors, Goslyn GRUs have no moving parts, timers or motors that can fail or malfunction. They use gravity and clever engineering principles to accelerate the natural separation of oils and water, continuously removing solids, oils and grease from your wastewater.

“Welcome to the home of affordable grease management for catering establishments . We are a manufacturer who puts the customer first, ensuring our solutions are delivered on cost and on time.”

Goslyn UK is committed to supporting the fish and chip industry with cost-effective solutions for grease management. GRUs are not only beneficial for the drainage infrastructure, but also for the business reputation and customer satisfaction of businesses.

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