National Fish and Chip Day – PR Campaign Review
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
August 12, 2021

National Fish and Chip Day is brought to you by NEODA

National Fish and Chip Day 2021 took place on Friday 4th June and from first thing in the morning, one of the country’s most popular awareness days was being talked about and celebrated by millions of people across the UK. After 6 years of spreading the word, we feel that it is now a welcomed awareness day where everyone from the fish and chip industry, the media, businesses, supermarkets and the UK population want to take part and celebrate their favourite nutritious meal!

Covid-19 restrictions were still in place during the lead up to NF&CD and on the day itself. Many staff were still working from home, live events were a risk to hold, TV production companies were limiting the amount of guests on their shows, many journalists were working from home and for some DJs such as Ken Bruce, the 4th June was his first Friday back in the studio.

The days objectives:

  • to raise awareness of National Fish and Chip Day with consumers, to drive footfall to fish and chip shops and other providers and encourage participation in the celebration of the nation’s favourite dish
  • to raise awareness of National Fish and Chip Day within the industry and ensure any fish and chip shop and other providers of fish and chips that wanted to take part knew how to get involved

Radio Highlights of 2021

BBC Radio

  • 2 x brilliant shout outs on Zoe Ball got things off to an excellent start on radio
  • Steve Wright continued on Radio 2 and opened his show with ‘It’s Friday 4th June and in the UK it’s National Fish and Chip Day” – there was another shout out later in the show.
  • The majority of the regional BBC Radio Stations ran features – several had spokespeople including NEODA’s President – Gary Lewis. Over 440 regional broadcasts were picked up by monitoring on both commercial and BBC channels

Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio Breakfast with 2.2 million listeners dedicated a whole section of the Breakfast Show to fish and chip puns

Give your feedback

NEODA are keen to here your thoughts on the day, if you would like to provide any comments please email

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