Member Benefit: Supportis
Charlie Bennett
June 4, 2024

Supportis has been offering an, unlimited use service with a 24-hour advice line to businesses across various sectors since 2003.

We have partnered with this service to help our members comply with the relevant Employment Law and Health & Safety legislation and offer guidelines on all aspects of people and risk management. As an NFFF member, Supportis will send you regular updates advising on all the latest employment law infrastructure, in a way that is personalised for your shop.

Employment Law/Legal Services

Your Adviser will:

  • Review and update your Contract(s) of Employment and Employee Handbook to ensure they are commercially effective and legally compliant.
  • Handle all your employment law challenges no matter how small or large including issues relating to discipline, grievance, dismissal, attendance, performance, maternity, agency workers and much more.
  • Draft your employment law related letters and documents on your behalf.
  • Support you in the event of Employment Tribunals, along with their litigation team.
  • Provide Legal Expenses Insurance that is suitable for your demands and needs, which will provide complete protection in the event of Employment Tribunal and covering your defence settlement costs or compensation awards.

As a member, you can call on them for support whenever you like, as often as you need at: 0161 603 2193

Health & Safety Services

Supportis will provide bespoke Health & Safety policy that will be legally compliant for all members.

A telephone helpline is available Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. to provide assistance and support on day-to-day matters for you and your management team, and in the event of any crisis e.g. reporting incidents, documentation and investigations for any serious accident, post loss investigations, enforcement officer visits etc.

To use of this service, call 0161 603 2193 with your membership number ready.

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