McWhinney’s Gluten Free Sausages and the Great Sausage giveaway!
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
March 15, 2021

McWhinney’s have been making the same high quality Irish Pork Sausages since 1898 and current Managing Director, Kevin McWhinney, has promised to be loyal to the original recipe that has served the past four generations so well.

In December 2018 an event occurred which forced a change in his thinking. He was discovered as being gluten intolerant following a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. This meant that he could no longer eat and enjoy the sausages which he had eaten since he was a child. This distressed Kevin so much that he decided he had to do something about it. He set out to recreate the original McWhinney’s sausage, but with one important difference – it had to be gluten free and it had to taste just like the original McWhinney’s sausages.

Over the coming months he made several attempts to recreate the original taste, but being a perfectionist, nothing please him. He continued to strive for the taste which he was so used to and experienced many failed attempts before finally coming up with a recipe which not only pleased him, but tasted just like the original McWhinney’s sausages he had been eating for so long.

The solution turned out to be more expensive than the original sausage because he refused to use anything but the best ingredients. He had achieved his aim in developing a gluten free sausage which tasted the same as his original extremely popular sausage.

The only downside is that the gluten free sausage will be slightly more expensive than the original, but Kevin believes that coeliacs all over the country will be able to enjoy a gluten free sausage which tastes like a real McWhinney’s sausage.

Kevin has always believed that he should not sell a product that he is not prepared to let his family eat, so, on this occasion, the person he had to please was the biggest food critic in his family – Kevin himself. He also told us that one of the most important principles he had been taught in business came from both his late father and grandfather when they said that quality will remain long after price is forgotten.

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