KFE gives school children a lesson in sustainability 
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
June 10, 2023

KFE has welcomed over 50 primary school children to its training school in Market Deeping, Peterborough, to learn more about food, sourcing and sustainability. 

The Year 3 children from Market Deeping Primary School learnt how the fish and potatoes they eat from their local chippy end up on their plates before exploring the concept of sustainability by watching My Dad is a Fisherman, a video by the Marine Stewardship Council. 

Awarding-winning friers and KFE School of Excellence trainers Mark Petrou and Gordon Hillan led an interactive masterclass where the children felt the raw ingredients and assisted in making fish-shaped fishcakes. They also saw batter being made alongside fish, chips and fishcakes being fried.

While tucking into their fish and chips, they took part in spot the difference sheets on sustainable fishing and named their own fish and chip shops, most of which included their own names. There were fits of giggles after a quick Google search revealed many of these already existed!

The pupils were eager to learn more, firing a host of questions at Mark and Gordon including ‘how many fish are we allowed to fish for?’, ‘how is this worked out?’ and ‘what happens to the extra fish?’. The only question they had after eating their fish and chips, however, was ‘why was it so good?’.

They returned to the classroom to carry out follow-up work around overfishing, but not before receiving National Fish & Chip Day branded goodies including inflatable balls and pens.

The day was part of KFE’s commitment to sustainability through education and follows on from its announcement last month that it is now a carbon neutral business.

Tanya Henderson, Sales and Marketing Manager at KFE, comments: “It was great to share our enthusiasm for cooking and preparing the best fish and chips with the children. They were a fantastic group keen to learn more about where their food comes from and the part they can play in maintaining the health of our oceans as they get older.

“They were incredibly engaged in all aspects of the day, whether it was learning where the fish we eat comes from, getting stuck in making fishcakes, or naming their very own fish and chip shop.”

For further details, contact Tanya Henderson on 01778 380448 or e-mail tanya.henderson@kfeltd.co.uk

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