JJ Foodservice to Invest in Exceptional Customer Service in 2022
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
December 29, 2021

JJ Foodservice is investing in taking customer service to new heights with a raft of activities scheduled for the early part of the year.

“We’re obsessed with finding new ways to improve the customer experience, said Baris Kacar, Chief Sales Officer for JJ.

“From how we communicate to how quickly shoppers can check-out.”

JJ customers will soon be able to ‘Live Chat’ directly with customer services from the JJ website or app.

New roles focusing on digital customer care will support the new Live Chat feature.

Meanwhile, payments are about to get easier with the introduction of Apple and Google Pay.

“Great technology still needs the best people behind it,” said Baris.

“That’s why internally we are bumping up training to be able to truly offer the next level of customer service.

“We already have a fantastic team. Now we’re on track to kick off the New Year with our best service yet,” he added.  

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