JJ Foodservice Shares New Mission, Vision and Values
Charlie Bennett
March 26, 2024

JJ Foodservice has announced the launch of its new mission statement, marking a significant shift in its business strategy to better serve a broader spectrum of food sectors.

Managing Director of JJ Foodservice, Mushtaque Ahmed, reflected on the company’s journey, stating, “From catering mainly to fast-food outlets 35 years ago, today we serve every type of food sector, from restaurants and pubs to hotels and schools. Our Advance Order platform has been instrumental in enabling every branch to expand its range of quality products.”

JJ’s new mission statement is ‘to make it easy for everyone to enjoy chef-quality ingredients.’

Meanwhile the new vision is to ‘become a leading sustainable foodservice supplier, making a positive impact on people, communities, and the environment.’

JJ has also announced new company ‘values’, which reflect the guiding principles of its culture and decision-making. “Our new JJ Family values serve as the cornerstone for how we communicate and interact with customers, suppliers and each other,’ said Mushtaque.

In the past year, JJ celebrated exceeding £2 million in sales through its Advance Order platform.

Looking ahead, the company has disclosed plans to expand its product range significantly over the next 24 months, to further enhance choice and service to a wider range of food sectors.

Read the new Mission, Vision, and Values here: https://www.jjfoodservice.com/content/our-mission-vision-and-values

For further information, please contact: Elit Rowland, JJ Foodservice elit.rowland@jjfoodservice.com

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