Jason’s Fish and Chips Serving the community
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
December 7, 2020

The Fish Friers Review in conversation with Jason Fish

Tell us about Jason’s Fish and Chips?

Welcome to Jason’s Fish and Chip shop, a little chip shop in Rackheath, just on the outskirts of Norwich.  Jason has been the owner of the shop coming up for 7 years.

How has coronavirus effected your business, have you been able use this period to improve your business?

Like every business, coronavirus has been hard. The shop was closed for three weeks in the first lockdown and we then decided to reopen after we put procedures in place to protect staff, customers and suppliers.

At first, we only allowed pre-orders, so that meant our customers had to simply come to our front door to pick up the food and this system worked well. As the weeks and months have rolled on our shop has grown.

Community is important to you as a business owner, you gave free meals away over half time for vulnerable kids. Has this support you have given been well received and helped you as a business over the past few months?

Supporting the local community has always been important to me as a small shop owner and during the recent half term school holidays we, like many other shops on social media, decided to show our support to the local community and vulnerable kids.

We offered free sausage and chips together with a soft drink and a piece of fruit to any child who came to the shop. It was a great success however, what was to follow was totally unexpected.

You received a personal letter from the HM Lord Lieutenant on behalf of the Queen, tell us about it?

On 9th November, I received my post which I thought was the usual junk mail until I noticed a little letter. Upon opening the letter, I was surprised to see it was from HM Lord Lieutenant on behalf of the Queen.

The letter read ‘Jason Fish. Norfolk owes you a profound debt of gratitude for your quite astonishing service to your community’

It is something I, as a small business owner, can be very proud about. The support from the community has been incredible, with donations from local businesses. It makes me very proud to have my chip shop in the village.

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