It’s oh-fish-ial – Letchworth chippies have become part of a Sea Change 
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
June 30, 2022

Two Letchworth chippies have been part of a Sea Change in Letchworth Garden City this month. As part of Seafood from Norway’s latest campaign, Rock’s Fryer and Oh My Cod! in the heart of the Hertfordshire town have been serving up sustainably sourced Norwegian cod and chips to customers and educating on the benefits of choosing sustainable seafood – for us and the planet.  

A recent survey conducted by Seafood from Norway and the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) revealed that a huge 9 out of 10 diners (87%) agreed that sustainable fish is important to them, but only a quarter (24%) said they knew what to look for when it came to sustainable fish in their fish and chip shop. This research also showed that 74% of Brits want fish and chip shops to do more to educate them about the sustainable credentials of the fish they sell1

Fish and chips are well known to be one of the nation’s favourite dishes and it is often the entry point to seafood for many consumers. Seafood from Norway recognises that this is a valuable channel for maximising the Sea Change campaign messaging. By partnering with local chippies, Seafood from Norway has been able to increase awareness of the Norwegian origin of fish served during the promotions, as well drive awareness of sustainable seafood as a delicious protein alternative.  

Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr, UK Director, Norwegian Seafood Council, comments: “Consumers should be aware that by purchasing from a sustainable shop, they are contributing to the future of our oceans and its fish stocks. I’m extremely happy to see how well the local community of Letchworth has reacted to our fish and chip activities, as well the Sea Change campaign as a whole.” 

According to the United Nations, we need to produce 70% more food to meet dietary needs in 2050. Land-based agriculture cannot meet these requirements alone, and we need to look to alternatives. What’s more, seafood is too often forgotten in the future of food debate and what makes a sustainable, healthy diet. Research even shows that Brits only eat about half of the Government’s recommended two portions of fish a week. Norway is home to the world’s largest cod stock, supplying around one third of the UK’s cod and haddock; and for many years has been at the forefront when it comes to maintaining and regulating sustainable fisheries.  

This is where Sea Change comes in. The campaign aims to turn the tide on the silence surrounding seafood as part of a sustainable diet, and demonstrate how sustainably sourced seafood can indeed play a big part in helping to meet the world’s growing food demand. Moreover, by choosing Seafood from Norway, fish and chip shops can be confident that they really are serving their customers the best quality sustainable seafood.  

The fish and chip promotions were hugely successful, Mr Sandhu, owner of Rock’s Fryer, commented: “The Norwegian FAS cod was of exceptional quality. We have been impressed by the large white flakes and delicate taste – and our customers certainly agreed! We’ve really enjoyed taking part in the Sea Change promotions, introducing residents to delicious cod from Norway, and helping tell their sustainability story. It will definitely feature more on our menus in the future.”  

The promotions helped to educate families, including children, on sustainable seafood and the important role it has in the future of food through fun, interactive educational activities. Family favourite Mr. Cod joined each promotion to hand out educational boxes for children which included a sustainable seafood fact sheet, colouring sheets, colouring pencils, a branded puzzle and a Sustainable Seafood hero badge. 

The Sea Change in Letchworth is part of a pilot, with a view to replicating in other areas in the UK and other global territories. Look out for updates on further Sea Change projects in the near future. 

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