Invitations are going out – not long to wait now!
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
January 22, 2023

With just over a month to go to the National Fish and Chip Awards the excitment is building. Invitations are being send out so keep an eye on your inbox!

I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about the importance of the awards for the fish and chip industry. I have been involved in the awards for many years now, both in the judging and the sterring group when the awards were run by Seafish. Whilst the event is amazing for the finalists and obviously the winners, it also has a wider benefit for the rest of the industry, giving us the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic work the sector does serving amazing food, providing quality employment and training and also minimising our impact on the environment.

The venue for the 2023 National Fish and Chip Awards – Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

This year is the first time the NFFF have been the custodians of the awards, and I say that as the awards belong to the industry. The event will take place on the 28th of February but we have a drinks reception in the Speaker’s House in Parliament the evening before, hosted by Sir Lindsay Hoyle the Speaker of the House (and my local MP). This event has limited numbers due to the capacity of the venue but we felt it was a good opportunity to get the industry together with members of parliament so we can show what a professional and vibrant sector we have.

Working to raise the profile of fish and chips with MPs

We have invited politicians to the awards ceremony too so they can see first hand the scale of the industry and all of the great work we do. After a challenging few years we need to show that independant hospitality businesses are not only culturally important to the nation but also so important to the econmonic recovery.

The NFFF board have put many hours into this event, and the next month or so is likely to be extremely busy but we are commited to making the biggest spalsh we can to benefit the whole of the industry. If you can please share as many posts on the lead up to the event as it will help raise public awareness. This year more than ever we need to get behind all of the events to show that fish and chips is here to stay so please get behind the awards, National Fish and Chip Day and anything else you can, we really are stronger together!

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