Andrew Crook - NFFF President
March 30, 2021

As things progress people are changing the way they do things and that includes how and when they undertake training. In the height of the first lockdown, we launched an online training platform on this domain which was free for all and very successful, allowing people to log in and access training when they want to and dip in and out of it.

Training benefits your business directly by minimising mistakes, giving your team a better understanding of the industry, and also, motivating your team members. There is also a benefit to the wider industry as the better our training is the stronger and more professional the industry becomes.  We will change the reputation of the industry as we will be able to provide quality jobs backed up with great training.

The revamped site now has a full learning management system built on it allow us to release courses, track trainees progress and support them as they learn. 

The first course we have released is a generic induction. There are certain things we all need to train employees on when they start work in the industry, and we have created a course that will teach trainees these basics and test their gained knowledge.  You can then build on that knowledge with training specific to your business or they can progress onto further courses.  The website is responsive so trainees can complete their course on any device, and we will issue a digital certificate upon passing the course.

We will be adding more courses in time so if there is anything you would like us to cover then please get in touch.

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