Introducing Edge Ranges!
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
May 14, 2021

The team at Florigo are excited to introduce our brand-new product line… Edge Ranges! Built in the Florigo factory, our latest innovation means you can now benefit from advanced Dutch technology at discount prices. Edge Ranges allows you to build your range with total transparency, no hidden costs, and no nasty surprises!

You may be wondering what the difference is between an Edge and a Florigo…The Edge Ranges are not bespoke, what you see is what you get! Our brand-new website allows users to instantly build their own quote, giving them total freedom to design their range to suit their own needs and budget.

Features & Benefits

Edge Ranges allows customers to enjoy various Florigo features, whilst staying well within their budget. High-Efficiency pans are included as standard with all Edge Ranges, continuing to save our customers up to 50% on energy bills amongst many other benefits. Whilst Edge Ranges are not complete with Florigo Active Triple Filtration, they are designed with an impressive built-in filtration system, where you can choose whether to have 2-stage filtration or 3-stage filtration.

Edge Ranges are built in the same factory as Florigo Frying Equipment, giving our customers the assurance that their new frying range will be a high-quality build. Thorough scientific and engineering research has gone into improving our whole product range over recent years, making the new Edge product range all the more exciting to share.

Included as standard in ALL our Edge ranges, our Halo Lighting gives the user an un-hindered view of the frying area and the products within. This feature is a phenomenal improvement to your range and a great benefit to your operators when checking the condition of your frying medium.

Service & Support

Edge Ranges are supported our reputable and well-established Service Team at Florigo. With advanced technology, sophisticated processes, and many years of supporting Florigo customers, Edge customers can feel at ease knowing they are receiving the most reliable service and support available on the market.

No hard sell, no obligation, just total transparency

Our team are proud to be the first to introduce this new method of buying frying ranges. The team will not come out to visit your premises during the sale process, but are available on live chat, email, phone, or video call if you need any help.

Wall Range prices start from £27,500, Counter range prices start from £29,125 and Island Ranges prices start from £37,500. So, what are you waiting for?

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