Industry Survey Analysis: The Future of Fish and Chips
Charlie Bennett
September 8, 2023

In the heart of every successful industry lies a pulse of confidence, sustainability and adaptability. Our industry is no exception. To understand its current dynamics and projected path forward, we have conducted an industry survey.

This survey explores various aspects of the fish and chip industry and provides insights into the challenges, triumphs and future outlook of our businesses.

Q1. How are sales holding up?

What does this tell us?

  • There are mixed sales trends – which is to be expected.
  • There is some stability, with roughly a third reporting a similar amount of sales to the previous year.
  • There are certainly challenges within the industry as 38.13% reported lower sales than the previous year
  • However, there are also plenty of opportunities for growth as 30.22% have reported higher sales than the previous year.

Q2 How confident do you feel about the future of your business?

What does this tell us?

  • There is a lot of uncertainty and worry within the industry as 62.59% are not confident in the future of their business
  • Despite this, moderate confidence prevails as the most popular business mindset within the industry

Q3. How would you describe your profitability currently?

What does this tell us?

  • The data shows a resilience among businesses as the majority have remained profitable despite the challenges within the industry
  • 20% of businesses however are losing money which is just above what could be expected in most industries.

Q4 Have you or your business had to take on more debt in the last 18

What does this tell us?

  • The majority of our businesses were able to maintain financial stability or even grow without resorting to additional borrowing.
  • A significant proportion however have faced financial challenges that required additional finances during the last 18 months.

In Summary…

Our comprehensive industry survey conducted in the summer this year has uncovered some valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing fish and chip businesses.

We are committed to understanding and addressing the industry’s evolving landscape and look forward to further discussions and initiatives that will shape the future of fish and chips in the right direction.

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