Andrew Crook - NFFF President
July 7, 2021

We are currently seeing unprecedented numbers of shops having to close due to having to isolate. Case numbers are expected to rise significantly in the next few weeks meaning the risk of infection affecting your business is a real threat.  

This is the worst we have seen it throughout the pandemic and the Health Secretary will not announce a change in isolation laws until the 16th of August, and even then we will still have many team members unvaccinated meaning they would need to be in isolation well beyond this date. 

Without taking action we fear we are likely to see huge parts of the industry closed at any one time.  Aside from the health risk and damage to your business, this will also be a major issue for suppliers too. 

We are urging fish and chip shop operators to highlight the risk at the moment and to ask them to be careful outside of the workplace.

If you can, encourage all employees to test daily at home prior to work.

If you do need to close, please alert the NFFF so we can monitor figures and hopefully get Government to see sense on this issue. 

To alert us of a closure please fill out this form:

We are almost at the end of this but we need to get over this last big hurdle.

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