How fish and chip shops can maximise value in the face of a cost of living crisis
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
April 11, 2022

P&G Professional provides expert guidance on how fish and chip shops can ease current industry challenges

Across the country, like many other industries, local chippies are grappling with a cost of living crisis. As energy prices soar, shipping complications multiply, and wholesale prices surge to exorbitant levels, it is becoming increasingly challenging to run fish and chip businesses.

According to reports coming from the nation’s treasured fish and chip eateries, the current political climate, whether that be the impact of Brexit or war in Ukraine, has led to a food inflation crisis, causing fish and chip businesses to pay increased prices for their essential ingredients. For example, the majority of the world’s crops for sunflower oil is grown in Ukraine, and 30% of white fish in Britain originates from Russian vessels.[1]

As a result, fish and chip shops are having to put prices up in order to counteract the financial pressures elsewhere. However, such drastic changes can deal a fatal blow to some establishments, forcing them to close for good.

One of the key ways these businesses can survive the most recent tide of financial burden comes in the form of maximising value. In other words, fish and chip shops would do well to streamline their operations, and take-on time-saving and reliable solutions to ease the running of their business.

P&G Professional provides an array of products that achieve an excellent standard of cleaning upon first clean and require only simple training, saving staff precious time. Using high quality brands such as Flash Professional and Fairy Professional means that you don’t have to worry about wasting time or stock, as it gets the job done right the first time.

As part of its ongoing effort to help businesses thrive, P&G Professional offers business owners the opportunity to try the CleanPLUS Experience. This stamp of approval from P&G Professional’s trusted household name brands – including Flash Professional, Fairy Professional and Ariel Professional – serves as a mark of assurance for guests.

Fish and chip shops can prominently display the CleanPLUS Experience sticker – both physically and digitally – as a gold standard in hygiene, reassuring their customers that the establishment has been cleaned to the highest levels using known and trusted brands.

To find out more about the CleanPLUS Experience – from P&G Professional’s trusted household name brands Fairy Professional, Flash Professional and Ariel Professional – including applying for complementary materials and signage, call 0800 716 854, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

[1] Daily Express 2022 ‘ Terrifying situation’ UK fish and chip shops in supply crisis amid Russian invasion
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