HMRC are investigating businesses who use EPOS suppression software
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
March 7, 2023

HMRC has identified businesses that have access to Electronic Sales Suppression (ESS) systems to evade paying tax. ESS users will either have access to specialist software or will configure their Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) device in a specific way that allows them to consciously hide true sales and the resulting tax that is due.  

Users of these systems can make a simple disclosure on GOV.UK by 9 April.  

By coming forward voluntarily, those deliberately misusing their till system could see their financial penalties reduced. The maximum Inaccuracy or Failure to Notify penalty is 100% of the tax due. If non-compliance involves offshore transfers outside the UK, then higher penalties may be payable. Fines for possessing ESS tools can be up to £50,000 if the tool is not removed or stops being used. 

HMRC will follow-up with those who fail to come forward and in the most severe cases can pursue a criminal investigation.    

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