Here is the top 5 Shortlist for the Field to Frier Award 2024
Charlie Bennett
December 14, 2023

The National Fish and Chip Awards is today revealing the five UK chip shops it believes to be a cut above the rest in the 2024 Field to Frier category.

Potato proficiency has been under close examination for the five fish and chip businesses in Durham, Devon, Wales and Scotland which have done a stellar job in demonstrating their preparation and storage methods, knowledge regarding seasonality of varieties, how to make the tastiest chips, and more.

Last Years Winners – The Real Food Café

An insider panel of potato professionals have made the assessments rigorous to spur businesses on with surpassing their current standards and reaching for new heights. The next round of the judging process will see the finalists having virtual interviews with industry specialists to determine which three chip shops will be invited to the awards ceremony on 28 February at the Park Plaza Westminster where the Field to Frier champ will be revealed.

Hoping to crush the competition are:

County Durham

Bells Fish and Chips, Durham


Pier Point Fish and Chips, Torquay


Ship Deck, Caerphilly

Finney’s Fish and Chips, Benllech


The Fish Works, Largs

Rooting for the chip shops is Andrew Crook, president at the National Federation of Fish Friers, organiser of the awards, who says: “Being able to cook a chip perfectly requires a tremendous amount of expertise in selecting the most appropriate variety that will deliver on taste, texture and visual appeal, as well as having top notch cooking capabilities to keep customers coming back.

“There’s so much to learn about the humble potato and these five businesses have shown a level of care and attention to detail which is reflected in the great success they are all experiencing in the industry and within their communities.”

Field to Frier is sponsored by Isle of Ely Produce, which supplies over two million bags of potatoes to the fish and chip industry annually. Also supporting the category is award partner Agrico and its Babylon variety – a newcomer in the potato game which is proving to be a hit with UK chippies.

Alex Moore, sales manager for Agrico, comments: “We have been working with Isle of Ely and Chippy Chat to champion best practice in regard to new varieties. Babylon is one variety which has already tested well in chippies across the UK. We are thrilled to be a co-sponsor of the Field to Frier Award at the 2024 National Fish and Chip Awards and wish all of the five listed shops the best of luck. We also look forward to working with the shops and sending them some Babylon to trial.”

Isle of Ely Director Oliver Boutwood adds: “This award is crucial for us to help educate shops on the basics of how to get the most from their potato supplies. Knowing about which varieties suit them best (this changes by geographic area), how to store and treat the potatoes and also making the best chips from what is available at any given time will help us all to serve great chips every time.”

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