Gadus is Baptised!
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
October 22, 2023

A delegation from the UK including directors from the National Federation of Fish Friers was invited to the Baptism of the brand new Gadus fishing vessel at the stunning Port of Klaksvik in the Faroe Islands on Sunday.

The importance of this event to the people of Klaksvik in particular was fascinating to observe. The whole village came out in traditional dress, to wait in anticipation for the magnificent vessel to sail into the port from the shipyard in Turkey where it was constructed. The excitement in the air made us realise how fortunate we all were to be invited to share in such a momentous occasion.

As the ship sailed in, the band struck up and the owner’s family and local dignitaries got in place on the stage to baptise the vessel.

All the villagers which included the crew and their families boarded the vessel and were blown away by the thought and planning that had gone into building a fishing vessel fit for the future. Great emphasis had been placed on sustainability, state of the art technology such as the navigation system and fishing equipment, and the onboard facilities for the crew, encouraging young people to choose to go into such an interesting and rewarding career.

Excellent Fish and chips were then served by a team from Lewis’s Fish & Chips to the 2500 local spectators who had come from all over the island to celebrate the Baptism of the newest edition to the JFK fleet.

Following the launch there was a dinner held for 280 guests at Hotel Føyoyar in Tórshavn. The JFK family really know how to put on a great event with delicious food and a variety of acts and speeches to really celebrate such a fantastic occasion. It was evident how much the Faroese value their culture, their people and the special bond that they have with the UK.

The JFK family and the people of the Faroe Islands could not have made the delegates from the UK any more welcome. Great thought had been taken to ensure that the whole event was a great success. Everyone invited felt it was a great privilege to be part of it, taking away special memories of the historic occasion.

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