Frozen at Sea Fish Sales Surge by More Than a Third at JJ Foodservice
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
April 22, 2021

JJ Foodservice has increased Frozen at Sea (FAS) fish sales by 34% in just three weeks following fantastic industry support for its Catch Date initiative. 

The wholesaler has been featuring Catch Dates on the website and marketing materials to help customers to choose the ‘freshest frozen’ fish.   

Traditionally, fish suppliers have not promoted catch dates on websites or marketing.   

Frozen fish can legally be sold in the UK up to 24 months after being caught, processed and frozen.   

JJ suggests serving FAS fish as soon as possible for the best flavour and juiciest texture.   

“We are keen to set the industry standard and we’ve had great feedback from customers,” said JJ’s Chief Sales Officer, Baris Kacar.   

“Being able to see catch dates before buying gives shops piece of mind that they can choose the freshest frozen fish when they shop with us.”   

A campaign to choose the ‘freshest frozen’ fish has been running across JJ’s digital, print and social media platforms. 

Since launching the campaign on April 1, 2021, FAS sales at JJ have increased by 34% and customer accounts have increased by 28%.  

“Shops are clearly keen to give their customers the best quality fish,” said Baris.      

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