Food and Drink Supply Chain APPG
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
January 18, 2023

I was asked to attend the Food and Drink Supply Chain APPG in Portcullis House in London to represent the takeaway sector. APPGs allow parlimentarians to gather insight into issues to allow them to make future decisions. I have previously spoken at the Fisheries APPG but remotely via zoom so it was nice to get to attend in person.

The APPG was attended by Mark Spencer MP, Minister of State for food and his Labour Counterpart who I had met previously on National Fish and Chip Day when I attended the event in Cambridge. Last week GB news ran a story with the Minister that I was also quoted in about using or losing your local fish and chip shop so it was nice to get to thank him in person for the support.

The APPG was short, at around 30 minutes, but covered a range of industries focusing on energy. The Minister outlined the Goverment support on energy and what industries were classed as high usage so warranted more support. I think they are hoping that the fall in wholesale gas prices will soon filter through to businesses.

Once the meeting had ended I approached the Minister and we asked if he would be willing to meet with the sector to discuss issues to which he agreed so we will be following up on that. I am back in Portcullis House next week to meet with a shadow Minister so hopefully we can get our message across.

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