Fish Kitchen 1931
Charlie Bennett
January 24, 2024

After their success at becoming runners up at the National Fish Awards 2023, you may think Lee and Samantha were looking to attach an additional shop to their business and open another outlet, far from the truth, the shop, now Fish Kitchen 1931 was originally acquired and expected to open around the time the pandemic struck, resulting in a few years of reorganising building and planning.

Following on from the naming of Fish Kitchen 1854, Lee & Samantha Humphreys have continued their theme linking their shop names to milestones in local history with added interest.

Fish Kitchen 1931 references the former business, when in 1931 the shop was originally opened as a Fish and Chip shop, it is thought to be the oldest Chippy in Wales, now refitted with an industrial feel. Lee & Samantha proudly highlighting their commitment to providing customers with a historic fish and chip experience.

Located on Upper High Street, Bargoed, Fish Kitchen 1931 has a very special meaning to Lee. And especially his late father, Gary Humphreys. Gary used to go to the very same chippy as a child with his mother, and had fond memories of these trips.

In a touching tribute Lee said he was doing it to make his father proud, reflecting on the times his dad reminisced about going there with his mother as a young child.

While entrusting areas to the historic features, some very modern additions were added including a partial glass roof and an open gallery allowing customers to view the kitchen area from above.

Fish Kitchen 1931 opened to the general public with a takeaway followed a week later with the licensed restaurant area.

The restaurant area seats around 60 customers on two floors, Décor and ambience are very much of historic importance surrounding everyone with scenes and photographs from the area and includes links to the local coal mining heritage with comfy, cosy, intimate dining booths, ulike the conditions encountered underground. The booths are named after some of the local collieries, Bargoed, Elliot, Oakdale, Ogilive, Penallta and Senghenydd. Adding to the appeal of the historic link is a large photograph depicting a scene of underground working where, due to the wonder of modern technology, a miner in the forefront is none other than Lee’s father Gary who after doing so much work on both shops sadly passed away early in 2023. The underground scene can be used for photography by customers who are looking for a reminder of the experience they may have had underground without of course getting covered in coal dust.

Invited guests were served generous portions of Popcorn Cockles, Homemade fishcake, Scallops, Chicken strips and of course Fish (Fish Kitchen Scampi) and of course they’re fabulous twice cooked chips, all rounded off with a cheesecake dessert.

The opening was attended by a variety of locals and business colleagues including range provider Robert Fury, Florigo, batter supplier Dean Baker of Middleton Foods and fish supplier Paul Smale of Snowden Fish merchants, and some local celebrities, including Gerwyn Price (ranked in the top 5 in the Professional Darts world) along with a crowd of rugby players.

In addition to the fish content which includes oysters, lobster mussels etc, most of which are sourced from Wales, customers using the restaurant will also be able to enjoy a selection of other items including fine meats from local butchers.

Fish Kitchen 1931 are looking to provide an historic and quality experience in the locality and are offering an exceptional level of service, unmatched in the area.

Good luck to them and their teams in this latest adventure of Traditional Fish and Chips.

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