FFR Catch Up: Opinions Matter
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
November 9, 2020

Opinions matter to us at the NFFF, we want to hear from you all.

In the recent Fish Friers Review we featured our ‘Opinions Matter’ page. We want to hear our members opinions on subjects which affect our trade.

The opinion could be a couple of sentences, a paragraph or it could be a full page article. The NFFF will reflect on all of your opinions and will provide answers on how we all as an industry can improve and move forward.

Our latest subject was;

How are you embracing technology within your business? What and how has it worked for you. What would you like see introduced and how has it benefited your business?’

Catch up with our full article below:

Member A

“I used to be a cash only shop but now I’ve got a card machine which benefits lots of customers. I have a minimum spend of £5 as payment sense credit my account on a daily basis and I accrue bank charges on each payment.

Also, I received a call from UberEats who offered me a good deal on delivery, so I have taken them up on that and that has increased trade too. I am also working on reduced hours which reduces staff wages and there aren’t as many dead periods in each shift so all in all this pandemic has worked quite well for me.”


Many shops had adopted new technology and I said at the start of this that the ones that adapt will come out of this in better shape, that will be relevant throughout this. The way things are looking this is not going to be over any time soon and we need to prepare for the long haul. With Winter looming its going to be so important to have many ways for people to pay and if you can deliver the food to them even better.  I still have not seen a logical explanation for any business to still be cash only after what we have seen this year.

Member B

“Our new click and collect system through the Heinz sponsored app from stampapp has been great ….. in the first week we’ve had over 100 people download the app with over 36 orders in the first week.

Customers are happy, no queuing, no waiting outside and this is especially important with Winter on the way!


The pandemic has pushed more people towards using online ordering, I started click and collect a few years ago and my first customers was in his seventies so I knew then it was the future. I think we have jumped forward 3-5 years during this pandemic and a lot of the changes are for the better.

Member C

“We installed delivery tablets/platforms Dec 2019  and the click and collect early 2020 Feb, card machines we have been using for the last 2 and half years  or so, and to be fair I don’t think any shop would have been able to operate without them once we were all given the go ahead to re-open, for the shops that closed between March 23rd and May 13th

With the pandemic customers were cautious about coming into contact with staff and the handling of money , so with card payments and online ordering this gave customers the confidence to come out for the first time, after several weeks of isolation, to get the UKs favourite dish ” Fish & Chips ” and to kick start all the Fish & Chip businesses.

What I would like to see are more TV adverts promoting how good Fish & Chips is for you nutritionally, and how tasty it is, and that our industry is ready  and prepared and we are all using  21st Century technology to serve and get across the UKs Best Dish “Fish & Chips”..


TV adverts are horrendously expensive, £60k for 30 seconds on prime time. The NFFF did help get some articles in the national press about reopening and showing how quickly we reacted as an industry. What I would like to see is the industry pulling together and promoting to our customers.  Combined we have a huge reach and there are some great initiatives throughout the year, if everyone got behind things like National Fish and chip Day then just imagine the impact we would have.  We have just launched FishandChipGuide.com, that could be a great way to show we have a vibrant, modern industry and to link all of our ordering systems.

Member D

I’m probably one of the oldest members of the NFFF.

I’ve been trying to get my head around the technology.

But going through the years, technology has been in the forefront of our industry.

But does it benefit tradition, I think” yes”.

As members our brand is Fish and Chips, shops big and small.

We should embrace the ideas and improvements and make it work for us all.

Well the federation and members, and Associated members, create an App.

For our own ownership of our businesses, we must create a network of logistics, i.e. delivery, as to accommodate orders from the App.

This keeps our industry in house, not for any other company to charge extortionate commission fees, and at the same time be at the of mercy of these companies not to send dispatch on time, which create ill feelings and  ratings on u,.

I know it’s hard to do but I’m sure out there, some members may agree and some may not.

Anyway, thank you all for the opportunity to contribute my thoughts. 

Good luck and keep safe. “


The NFFF has just launched FishandChipGuide.com.  The idea is to link all of our ordering systems in one place, but it needs the industry to support it.  We need shops to realise that by sharing the link you are not promoting competing shops, you are promoting industry colleagues.

The aggregators do charge a large commission but they do a massive amount of advertising for you too. I treat them as I would a leaflet drop where I would offer a discount anyway.

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