Energy meter tampering unfairly impacts fish friers
Charlie Bennett
January 30, 2024

Meter tampering creates an unfair playing field for fish friers. However, there is a safe way to address this issue as suspicions can be reported anonymously through the Stay Energy Safe service here.

Energy theft, which includes bypassing gas or electricity meters, poses an unjust threat to law-abiding businesses. It creates an environment that aids criminal practices, transferring the costs of revenue losses to other energy consumers.

Tampering with cables, wires or pipes also puts staff and unsuspecting customers in danger. This unauthorised activity can lead to severe consequences, including explosions and fatal fires.

Real-life cases highlighted here provide insight into the harsh reality of the situation, including instances of innocent lives being lost.

Stay Energy Safe is a service run by the independent charity Crimestoppers. They are independent of the police and ensure that suspicions can be reported anonymously.

It’s essential to be aware of the signs of energy theft to help safeguard legitimate businesses, their staff and contractors, workplaces, and customers. One common sign is when the meter isn’t registering usage even when energy is being consumed, or where there is loose or unusual wiring, sparks coming from the meter, or burn marks.

In recent years, a Nottinghamshire pub was spared from catching fire. A painter working in the building noticed smoke around the meter and took the necessary action, without which it could have led to a deadly explosion or fire.

Electricity theft can lead to shocks and severe burns as well as start fires, while gas theft can result in lethal leaks and catastrophic gas explosions. Read more about the dangers of energy theft and how to spot it here.

If you suspect energy theft, you can report it while remaining 100% anonymous. Contact Stay Energy Safe using our online reporting form here, or, if you prefer to talk to someone, please call them on 0800 023 2777.

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