D-Day 80th Anniversary – 6th June 2024
Charlie Bennett
January 10, 2024

The 6th of June 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a significant event in the Nation’s history. The fish and chip industry played a crucial role during the entire war, keeping the nation and soldiers fed. Despite naval mines and German submarines, brave fishermen continued to fish the seas, ensuring that the country had enough food to sustain itself.

As a tribute to these brave fishermen, we encourage you to wear an official lapel badge available at Empire Medals. These badges are designed to honour the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings and feature the flags of all nations involved in the historic event. They are plated with gold and enamelled for a polished finish. 25% of each badge sold will go towards supporting the D-Day Beacons project.

These badges could also be distributed to customers as part of a competition or campaign. It would be a great way to show your support for those who risked their lives to keep the country and our soldiers fed during the war.

In addition to wearing a lapel badge, we are also asking shops to consider lighting a Lamp Light of Peace on the day. The light from the flame represents the ‘light of peace’ that emerged from the darkness of war. It provides a simple and safe way of taking part in this important 80th-anniversary occasion.

 Once used, the lamp can be lit again at 11 am on every Remembrance Sunday thereafter, in tribute to the many millions that sacrificed their lives during WWII .

We hope that you will join us in honouring those who risked their life for our benefit on D-Day . Let us remember their sacrifices and contributions to our nation’s history.

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