D-Day 80 Spotlight: Taffs Fish and Chips
Charlie Bennett
June 10, 2024

Taffs Fish and Chip Shop in Torrington marked D-Day and National Fish and Chip Day with a fantastic campaign, honouring those who fought for our freedom 80 years ago. Working with Phill, their dedicated rep from T Quality, the initiative aimed to give back to the community, particularly to those in service and our elderly.

“It’s important to us that we remember all those that fought so we could be where we are today as a country. We feel it’s important to give when we can, for this occasion I wanted to give to the people in service and our older generation.”Charlene, Taffs Fish and Chips

With the help of Phill from T Quality, Taffs offered every resident in Torrington’s local care homes a complimentary dessert, a free curry sauce, and a 10% discount on fish and chips. The offer extended to all Blue Light Card holders, service members, and anyone over the age of 65. The shop even arranged a special lunchtime delivery to the care homes and the local fire station, ensuring everyone could enjoy the deal.

“We had special chip wrap made of all headlines form the papers 80 years ago, had war time music playing and decorated the shop. We was blown away with the response we received, delivered to 3 care homes over lunch time and the local fire station. we and cooked up over 150 portions of fish and chips. The best of it we made people smile. We are firm believers it’s nice to give and it’s just nice to be nice and make people smile. “

This is not the first time Taffs have been actively involved in supporting their community. Taffs have also ran campaigns where they have given away 150 cones of chips to school children and planted 150 trees in an organic farm near Hatherleigh.

Their dedication to giving back exemplifies the spirit of D-Day and demonstrates the wider impact that our industry can have by getting involved with the community. We look forward to seeing what they do next.

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