Consumers Prioritise Menu Variety and Affordability in Restaurant and Takeaway Choices, Reveals Deliverect Research
Charlie Bennett
October 31, 2023

New research conducted by Deliverect has unveiled key insights into consumer preferences when it comes to ordering takeaway. The study, which surveyed 5,000 individuals and examined the significance of menu variety and affordability as factors influencing where people choose to eat.

Affordability a Top Priority for 89% of Consumers

Among the key findings, affordability emerged as the leading factor in restaurant selection, with a resounding 89% of respondents indicating its importance. In an era marked by economic uncertainties and changing consumer behaviors, it’s clear that people are increasingly conscious of their dining expenses.

Variety of Menu Options a Close Second

Right on the heels of affordability, variety of menu options was deemed crucial by 87% of those surveyed. This result highlights that consumers are seeking diverse menus that cater to different tastes and preferences.

High Standards of Health and Safety Matter

Health and safety were also at the forefront of consumer priorities, with 86% of respondents expressing the importance of maintaining high standards in these areas. This result underscores the continuing significance of health-conscious dining in the post-pandemic landscape.

Digital Tools Shaping Dining Choices

The research also delved into how consumers are using digital tools to discover new dining options. The study revealed that 33% of UK consumers rely on Google, while 30% turn to food delivery apps to find new restaurants. This highlights the increasing influence of online platforms in shaping dining choices.

Loyalty Factors

The survey probed what factors create loyalty towards a restaurant. It discovered that 34% of respondents cited friendly and attentive staff, 23% valued fast delivery, and 22% appreciated reliable and accurate service as key elements in fostering loyalty.

Delivery App Priorities

When it comes to using delivery apps, consumers prioritise ease of use, with a notable 47% emphasizing its importance. Additionally, 35% of respondents sought menu details on these apps, while 35% looked for access to reviews and ratings to aid their decision-making process.

The Role of Robotics?

The research also touched upon the role of robotics in the hospitality industry. While automation has gained traction in various sectors, the study revealed that only 34% of consumers felt comfortable with drones being used in restaurants. Similarly, 35% were open to the idea of robots carrying out food preparation, and 38% were receptive to robots handling service.

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