Andrew Crook - NFFF President
January 10, 2021

Every so often a media story gets traction and usually the NFFF get the chance to respond.

On Friday night I was asked by the British Takeaway Campaign if I would be willing to go live on Radio 5 Live at 6:35am on Saturday (bit of an early start after a Friday in the shop!). Its was a story about how takeaways are getting on during the pandemic and an opportunity to highlight the fact that some are more affected than others and how important social media has been through out this, in the light of the proposed ban by the Government.

You can hear my interview around 40 minutes into the show

I was working on Saturday in the shop when I received a message from a producer at BBC Radio Lancashire who wanted my to speak about a story doing the rounds in the media about Hake. The story was saying that hake is more sustainable and will overtake cod, which we know is not true but it can be a great addition to a menu. We had a good chat about all things fish and chips too. I had to do the interview whilst I was frying so there is a little background noise.

You can here my interview at around 3 hours 22 minutes into the show

These kind of stories do appear quite often and it is so important that the NFFF is there to be the point of contact for the media and the voice of the industry, we can defend fish and chips as a cuisine as well as the wider takeaway sector. These stories may sometimes look negative but they do give us the opportunity to get the facts out and turn a negative into a positive.

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