Budget 2024 – Write to your MP
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
January 26, 2024

We have put together a template to help businesses with ideas to write to their local MP ahead of the budget on the 6th of March. The NFFF has long argued that the current taxtion system is not fit for purpose and we are now seeing other parts of the sector feeling the same pressures we have experienced over the years as their input costs increase.

Whilst the NFFF will be putting submissions in on behalf of the industry we really need MPs to hear about your business and how they can help.. you can play a big part in trying to help the sector.

Some devolved nations also have different challenges with their Governments not offering the same reflief as Westminster so please add these too.

We do support increased wages but need the money to pay them.

Please remember the VAT we collect is not our money in the eye of the Treasury but in reality with increased costs it either has to come out of our margin or we have to increase costs.

The 1st of May 2024 is the 40th Anniversary of VAT being applied to Hot Food Takeaway Meals. The world has changed drastically in that time, especially in recent years.

The Template

We didn’t want to write a generic letter as individual letters will have more impact.

Please insert your details in the parts in brackets such as these []

The points in red are to give you ideas on what you could include but please rewrite and add as much detail as you can about your business and the what you are experiencing.

MPs do want to help but it is much more difficult to work with such a fragmented sector so we are often overlooked so please be honest and open about any issues you face.

You can search for your local MP here:

You can download the template here to get you started

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