Big Weekend for the Fisherman’s Wife Whitby, as Coldplay’s perform Human Heart
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
May 28, 2021

BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend is synonymous to many as the start of the summer and thousands of festival-goers pack up their tents and head to a different city each year to enjoy a weekend of music.

With the covid pandemic still affecting many this year’s Radio 1 Big Weekend had to adapt, with the 2021 event taking place across 4 days for the first time at different locations.

One of those filmed on location was Coldplay’s performance last week at Whitby.  Coldplay performed an exclusive show at Whitby Abbey however, the band also released a new song Human Heart filmed at The Fisherman’s Wife at Khyber Pass.

Steven Bushby of The Fisherman’s Wife said “The BBC approached us they were looking in Whitby for the best views to do a short film for Coldplay’s new song, and with that they approached us.  I didn’t need asking twice, the whole process was great, my contact at the BBC, Rebecca Whelan, was great to work with and the only hard part of the whole thing was keeping it quiet! The whole crew had fish and chips the night before and they used our sister restaurant the Fisherman’s Shack on the day of filming as we had to fully close for the day at the Fisherman’s Wife.”

To watch the Coldplay gig please click here. The new music video starts 23 minutes into the show.
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