An online world is now reality
Lesley Graves
August 19, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus has undoubtedly caused a shift into relying more on the online world. Preventing face-to-face contact became the normal and saw many businesses keeping in contact with suppliers and staff via video calls and messages during lockdown, and saw businesses transform the way in which they work.

Online groups came together to troubleshoot their own issues with the new way of working, as well as providing each other with moral support and reassurance in an unnerving time. It was great to see so many shared ideas which was swiftly added to with guidance from the NFFF and the constant factual updating when things were changing daily..

One of the biggest changes has been the amount of businesses now using an online click and collect service. Customer place their order online and arrive to collect their food. The social aspect has been taken away, for now, to maintain safety. However, when this is eventually all over, it seems likely that businesses will keep this way of working.

For some customers used to ordering everything online from shoes to groceries, it is more convenient for them to carry on ordering online. It saves everybody time – no queues and faster service – at the sacrifice of that social element. There are customers who have never used the system before. They are likely to want a return to normal; a face-to-face order at the same time on a Friday night every week. Traditions always preferred to change for some.

For businesses, this crisis has forced an acceleration in the progression of their business to a level not imagined until, perhaps, years in future. Adapt to survive; the online world has helped businesses achieve this.

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