Adding value with Curries and Gravies with Dinaclass
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
April 12, 2021

Article provided by Kerry Foodservice

Generating sales of more than £1.2billion annually through more than 8,500 shops nationwide, the UK’s Fish & Chip industry is a significant part of the out of home food market. Outnumbering leading QSR chains significantly, for Fish and Chip shops to further profit from this dynamic market it is important to keep up with evolving consumer trends. There is a growing preference among consumers for international flavours. Dinaclass can help operators to tap into this trend simply and easily, offering a portfolio of sauces to add value to every order.

Founded in 1964 in Salford, Dinaclass has grown from a regional business to an insight-led market leading brand. Developed specifically for the UK market, Dinaclass offers an extensive range of curry sauces and gravy products. From traditional curry, to gluten free and vegetarian alternatives, with sultanas or without- Dinaclass offers a curry sauce to suit the needs of every customer.  There is a growing demand for foodservice providers to offer a variety of sides and sauces thanks to an increasing preference for unique flavours and foods among consumers.

For every second that passes, a pot of Dinaclass Curry Sauce is sold in the UK, with the figure rising all the time.  The success of the brand is testament to its top-of- the- range quality and popularity with independent fast-food professionals. Thanks to this winning combination, Dinaclass is now the number one out of home chip shop curry brand.

The range doesn’t stop at curry sauce, with Dinaclass gravy also delivering simplicity and quality to operators, as well as great taste to consumers. Gravy is a particularly popular chip accompaniment in the North of the UK. Close to a quarter of Northerners order gravy to pour over their Fish and Chips.  With the inclusion of Chip Shop Gravy as well as its Original Gravy Mix , Dinaclass has grown its brand and product portfolio from strength to strength. By creating the products consumers want, and making them simple to prepare, Dinaclass is committed to helping QSR businesses nationwide maximise their menus potential and boost profits.

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