85% of customers set to order delivery more often or the same than they did before pandemic reports deliveroo
Andrew Crook - NFFF President
January 26, 2021

Deliveroo has launched a new report that found more than eight in ten (85%) of its customers are set to order delivery more often or the same than they did before the pandemic.

The Share of Stomach report, which aims to help small and independent restaurants meet the growing appetite for food delivery and reach new customers, includes expert insights into the changing tastes of customers, and contains advice on how restaurants can adapt and grow their business.

It reveals not only the consumer trends during the past year, but also looks ahead to ordering habits post pandemic.

The research suggested not only have many people tried food delivery for the first time during the pandemic, but their love for their favourite foods will remain afterwards.

It found almost 20% of respondents had ordered for the first time in December. It said the pandemic has not only changed how often consumers order food delivery, but why, with many customers (65%) ordering food as something to “look forward to”. The report said vegan orders shot up 163% during 2020. The research also found 68% of customers have reported feeling concerned about their mental health, with pressure on time and “cooking fatigue” meaning more customers than ever are ordering delivery.

The report stated almost half are ordering more often during the pandemic because they crave for a certain cuisine. Customers are also looking to recreate their favourite meals at home, with 15% having ordered a meal kit from a restaurant in the past month.

The “morning after the night before” meal has taken a back seat during the pandemic – ordering food because of a hangover is 52% lower than before the pandemic.

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